2219 West Danby Road, West Danby NY 14883

2219 West Danby Road, West Danby NY 14883



Do you struggle with any of these issues in your marriage or family? If you do, now is the time to consider couples therapy and relationship counseling.

Do you experience any of these conditions?

  • Do you suffer from relationship abuse; such as physical, sexual, or emotional?
  • Does your marriage or family encounter ongoing conflict or arguments?
  • Do you feel as though talking gets you nowhere?
  • Do you feel frustrated, discouraged, or unfulfilled in your marriage?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or afraid to express your feelings?
  • Are you overwhelmed with worry, anger, or resentment?
  • Do you feel isolated, empty, or lonely?
  • Do you often think about walking away from the marriage?

When you make an appointment with Journey of Hope Counseling Center, you are taking the first positive step towards resolving problems in your marriage and family. Together we will help you to explore and understand some of the reasons why things aren’t working. We will help you apply biblical truth in a way that will build a solid foundation and resolve ongoing struggles.  Ideally therapy should involve the couple, but if your partner refuses to go, or would prefer to go later, you can start alone.  We want you to discover new insights and positively contribute to rebuilding your marriage and family.

We are here on this journey with you!

At Journey of Hope Counseling Center we want families and relationships to thrive. We understand that families and couples are susceptible to change and may need counsel and direction in order to help them deal with their present issues. In today’s world, increased stress and pressures build quickly and can create obstacles that are often very difficult to overcome.

Some common issues that cause breakdown within the family unit.

  1. Breakdown of effective communication.
  2. Leaving God out of the family picture.
  3. Family dynamics are becoming increasingly skewed.
  4. Damaging beliefs and emotions.
  5. External forces/outside influences causing turmoil.

Therapy and counseling are invaluable for preventing major upheaval in the family and severe consequences in marriage breakdown. We want you to know that you can have a marriage and family life that thrives, one that will produce healthy relationships and continue to grow throughout the years to come.

Journey of Hope Counseling Center is a service provided by the First Baptist Church of West Danby

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